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Welcome to Five Star Sports

Five Star Sports are a multi-sports coaching company working within primary schools, high schools and local communities to provide children and young adults with fun and exciting sports clubs. Five Star Sports was established in 2007 and have been dedicated to youth development within sport ever since, offering a wide range of services for schools and parents alike. As a company and as coaches we are dedicated to the development of all children and young adults within a sporting environment. We provide every participant with the opportunity to develop at their own pace and at a level that will enable them to succeed both in sport and their personal lives.

All our coaches are Fully Qualified in a wide variety of sports, are Enhanced DBS checked, First Aid trained and undertake regular training on child protection & safeguarding as well as keeping up to date with the latest coaching techniques & methods.


Five Star Sports Coaching Philosophy.

- We ensure ALL participants enjoy EVERY session.
- We believe young people learn best with a smile on their face, so we always create a fun learning environment.
- We feel children respond better and improve when they are challenged with attainable targets.
- As coaches we will always focus on the positives, encouraging children to show off all their skills no matter how many times they fall over trying them!
- We ensure everyone feels part of a team, whilst encouraging individual skills and techniques.
- We always praise and reward players with good attitudes no matter what their level of ability.
- As coaches we understand we have a MASSIVE responsibility to the children we coach. Many children view their coaches as role models and we take that position very seriously.
- Children will be allowed to make decisions with their own freedom, and the outcome of these decisions will be used as tools for learning.
- What we say & how we say it are just as important as when we say it… But sometimes its best to say nothing at all.
- Providing an environment that focuses on the children and their thirst for learning & fun.. Learning without fun is impossible & fun without learning is irrelevant.
- Wanting the children to want to win and wanting them to win at all costs are two very different things… We never confuse the two.
- We will endeavor to litter the path of every child with memorable experiences that will help develop them as people as well as sports people.

All our sessions are designed to cover 5 key areas:

FUN - We have a strong belief that sport should be fun and that children improve, develop and progress best in an environment of fun & simple games, tasks & activities.

INCLUSIVENESS - We work with boys and girls of all ages & abilities. Many of our attendees have never actively participated in any form of sport before.

CONFIDENCE BUILDING - Our sessions give children an opportunity to lead or contribute to a team and present themselves in a fun, relaxed and supported situation often interacting with or demonstrating to large groups of other children.

TEAMWORK - We aim not only to make your children better players, but also better people by concentrating on communication, co-operation and team play.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - We subtly combine our coaching sessions with a message of healthy eating and a balanced diet, along with recommending the regular intake of fluids. In these challenging times of an unprecedented rise in obesity and inactivity, Five Star Sports is striving to help kids on their way to living a long and active life

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